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est. 1968

The Difference

The House of Harrop difference is about the customer, the love of the sport, the unique places it takes us, the people we meet and the friendships we make along the way. 

What does over a half century of experience represent? Passion commitment and tradition. As a custom  tying service, every angler can be assured each HOH of fly is tied to exact specifications. Since our flies are not massed produced or picked from a pre-tied inventory, our focus is on the serious angler whose passion exceeds the common. 

Flies are priced in minimum lots of one pattern, in one size (i.e. $24.00 per half dozen size 18 Rusty Para-spinner). Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. During our busy season, expect  4-6 weeks. 

- Minimum of 6 flies per pattern and size continue to apply. 

- Volume discounts no longer apply. 

- Orders are tied in the order they are received. 

- We encourage customers to order as far in advance as possible.

- Credit cards are not processed until we start the order.

- Please add 10% for any variations or special request on any patterns.


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Phone: 208-624-3537  Email:

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