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Mayfly Nymph Index

Turkey Tail / Pheasant Tail (Herl) Nymph (Gray Goose, Peacock, Pheasant Tail, Turkey Tail)
Amazingly effective nymphs can be created by utilizing the long fibers from the wings and tails of a variety of birds.  

Mayfly Nymph
Typically limited to those times when trout are not feeding on the surface, many anglers overlook the deadly technique of matching the nymphal form of an emerging mayfly and fishing to rising trout.

CDC Transitional Nymph
The transitional flies duplicate insects in the act of changing. The interim period between stages may be brief but experienced trout recognize this time of extreme vulnerability as an easy opportunity to catch food. Our transitional nymph depicts the first signal of emergence as the emerging dun begins to break free through the nymphal wingcase. The target may be well beneath the surface, varying amounts of weight should be added to the leader to place the fly in the correct zone. It is often best to apply a small amount of fly dressing to the thorax area only and allow the fly to hang in the film. A Cul-de-Canard strike indicator will allow you to adjust the depth of the fly and to detect subtle takes.  

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