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    $24 per half doz.

        Pressured waters are a fact of life and selective trout are at an all-time high. Consistent fly-fishing success involves awareness, knowledge and tactical strategies.

Half & Half Emerger

Derived from Bonnie's time-honored "Short wing Emerger," this low floating pattern targets a mayfly in a partially emerged state. Particularly useful a during a PMD hatch.

CDC Wood Road 16

Inspired by the defiant PMD feeders on the Wood Road 16 section of the Henry's Fork, this fly replicates a freshly emerged dun just prior to full separation from the nymphal shuck.

CDC Crossover

Intended to bring better visibility and floatation in low-light conditions and on quicker currents, this hackled pattern features a semi-spent CDC wing for use as both the dun and spinner stages. The profile can be lowered by trimming the bottom of the hackle.

CDC Hybrid Dun

The marriage of CDC and deer hair in the wing brings enhanced visibility and floatation while retaining realism to this versatile mayfly dun. Highly recommended for quicker currents.

CDC Hybrid Sparkle Dun

Valuable for imitating an emerging dun escaping from the nymphal shuck. CDC and deer deer hair wing bring excellent floatation and visibility.


CDC Silhouette Spinner

Intended to bring improved visibility in low-light conditions, the darker semi-spent CDC wings contrast distinctly against the shiny water encountered in the evening and on heavily overcast days. Versatile as an imitation for both spinner and dun stages.

CDC Hybrid Caddis

CDC and elk hair over palmered hackle create a high-floating caddis imitation. Particularly well suited for float fishing.

CDC Animated Beetle 

Noting that beetles are winged insects, we created this pattern to represent a different image than the domed appearance of conventional domed appearance of conventional beetle imitations. CDC and peacock combine to produce an effective and visible pattern on all water types.

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