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Duns & Spinner Index
               $24 per 1/2 doz.

CDC Biot Dun

Clean, realistic  and deadly, this pattern's uncluttered design makes it especially appropriate for calm water.


No Hackle

Epitomizing the modern mayfly design and mastered by only a select few fly tyers, the elusive wing technique utilizes buoyant duck quill segments to create a near perfect representation of newly emerged mayfly duns.  (Remaining effective long after the wings have separated into individual fibers.)


CDC Biot Parachute

Similar to the conventional biot parachute but with the added advantage of a CDC



CDC Biot Thorax

As close to the perfect dry fly as any we have ever designed, flotation, visibility and realism make this pattern a practical choice for any type of water.


Biot Standard Dry

A version of the classic American dry fly.

Hen WIng Biot Spinner

Tied with a slender biot body, the segmented abdomen provides life-like realism to this important mayfly stage.


CDC Biot Spinner

Spinners are often the most overlooked life stage of the mayfly.  Outperforming any pattern we have ever fished; the natural segmentation of the slender biot body and buoyant CDC wings enable this pattern to float perfectly in the spent position.  (Also available in a "Silhouette" style with partially spent wings).


CDC Biot Paraspinner

Our single most popular dry fly; parachute grizzly hackle gives a splendid

impression of spent mayfly wings, while the short CDC wing post provides

excellent visibility.


Drake Hackled Spinner

Because of their size, it does not take a lot of drake spinners on the water to

gain the trout's attention. These large spent wings include hackle for maximum

flotation and visibility.


CDC Hackled Spinner

Ideal when flotation and visibility are a must, great for float fishing or on big water when a long cast is often required.


Biot Partridge Spinner

The slender, segmented biot body gives a natural, lifelike effect to this important mayfly stage.  

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